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Directing Reel


Narrative Short, 2023, Color,  English, 04:30

A young girl, Elaine, who leads an empty life, falls in love with the lady Scarlett. Elaine follows Scarlett with paranoia and madness. Finally, they both fall into abyss. Story inspired by Drive My  Car

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Last Forever

Commercial, 2022, English, 00:32

For Sharpie

The Ocean We See that Day

Documentary, 2022, Color,  English, 04:30

Story on Route 1

Last Forever

Commercial, 2022, English, 00:32

For Sharpie

Le Cruset

Commercial, 2022, Korean, 00:40

For Le Cruset

There is ice, There is us

Experimental Short, 2021, Chinese, 05:04

Four stories. Four kinds of force. Four kinds of break.

The reconciliation between traditional mother and daughter, the female awakening under male gaze, life dance of an awakened dancer, and the natural ecofeminism under consumerism.

Golden Winner of the student film of 2022 Tokyo Film Festive. Official selected by 2021 London Best Director Festival. Exhibited in Yunnan Feminism Art Exhibition, China, 2021.


Narrative Short, 2020, Chinese



Narrative Short, 2021, Chinese, 06:28

A story about a struggling drunkard.


Experimental Short, 2021, Chinese, 01:01

A girl who waits for nothing chooses to commit suicide. Shot by Iphone.

The Day After Today

Narrative Short, 2020, Chinese, 03:47

A conversation between a gay couple.

I Remember

Narrative short, 2020, Chinese, 20:55

A young prostitute, Xuan, who never experienced love from her mom, is facing a financial crisis due to her mom's cancer. Once, she gets an opportunity from her roommate, Lisa, to sell her memory. When she decides to get out of her mother's shadow, she also finds a secret about her mom and Lisa.

Won the Best Student Film in 2020 Monmouth Film Festival. Exhibited in 2020 Tampere Film Festival. Official selected by 2020 Student Los Angeles Film Festival.

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