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About Me.


Born in China, Yu Mao spent her childhood time in a southeastern coastal city, Wen Zhou. Influenced by her family, she has shown a strong interest in literature and history since she was a child. She is good at observing the world, exploring emotion, and expressing herself, and has published many articles in newspapers and magazines.

During her undergraduate study at Central South University, majoring in Communication, she learned how to use a cinematic way to do storytelling. Changsha, a more down-to-earth city, brought her new view to life - She paid more attention to the lives of ordinary people and marginal groups, which laid the foundation for her future creations.

After graduating from the university, she went to Art Center College of Design in the United States to study film for a master's. Though she lives in Los Angeles, the base of Hollywood, her visual style is unique and different. Rather than being tied down by Hollywood-grade, professionally advanced technique, she has found a subtle way of visual expression in an industrial-level circumstance. Inspired by her classmates, who are all artists or designers, she is sensitive to color, composition, and scale. She loves using symbols and metaphors in her work and has a great aesthetic for fashion.

Now, she usually works as a director and production designer.


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