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Elected by AI-Tiba9 Contemporary Videos and Photography Section of the Directory.

Official selected for the film (screenplay) conference of

the 12th Macao International Movie Festival.

Best student film at Monmouth Film Festival.

Golden winner of Best Student Film in Tokyo Film Festival.

Best Student Film of LA Under Star Film Festival.


Second price of Best Student Film of Edinburgh Independent Film Festival.


Officially selected by Shanghai International Short Week, Kosice International Film Festival, Student LosAngeles Film awards, 2021 Best Director Award. Exhibited in China Feminism Art Exhibition.

Officially Selected by 2024 The Musee du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition “Roter”


Exhibited MidWestNice Gallery 2023“Landscape” exhibition.

Exhibited in Decode Gallery 2023 “Storyteller”.

Exhibited in Los Angeles 4C Gallery, 2023 April.


Yu Mao, who graduated from the Art Center College of Design with a master's degree in MFA Film, is currently a Multi-Disciplinary Artist based in Los Angeles. Her artistic vision is deeply rooted in the diverse experiences she has gathered during her globetrotting adventures. Driven by a profound fascination with the intricate dynamics between people of various cultures, genders, and social backgrounds, Yu Mao skillfully weaves her narratives using symbols, metaphors, and dreams. Her chosen mediums of expression encompass films, installations, sculptures, and photography, each serving as a canvas for her storytelling. Within her artistic vision, the embodiments of media and materials are not mere servants to content; rather, they unfold as dynamic entities with the inherent potential to transcend their utilitarian functions. In this intricate dance, they metamorphose into integral components, seamlessly intertwining with and shaping the very essence of the "content" they set out to serve.


Throughout her artistic journey, the avant-garde currents of the 20th century, notably those championed by luminaries such as Duchamp, have profoundly shaped her creative spirit.From her vantage point, the concept of an enduring and unchangeable form or methodology undergoes dissolution, as she steadfastly embraces the conviction that each rule and regulation is fated to fracture and be reborn anew.


As a woman and the sole daughter in her family, Yu Mao brings her personal struggles into her artistic creations. The tensions between familial obligations and personal aspirations, as well as the clash between her identity and traditional societal norms, become the motivation of her artistic exploration. Through her work, Yu Mao aspires to strike a chord with individuals facing similar challenges, transforming her creations into a wellspring of energy that can be shared with society.

Yu Mao's films have received acclaim at prestigious international film festivals, including the Tokyo Film Festival, LA Under Star Film Festival, and the Edinburgh Independent Film Festival, among others. The films she contributed to as an art director have also been honored at Oscar-accredited Cinequest International Film Festival. Notably, her experimental film “There is Ice There is Us” was featured in the 2021 China Feminism Art Exhibition. The performance art video "Go to a Noman Where" was selected for the 2024 Musee du Louvre Contemporary Art Exhibition ROTER, and her sound installation “Home, Sweet Home” was showcased at the 4C Gallery in 2023.


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